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Fragile skin can pose a tough challenge for older adults.
September 2017

How to Apply Sunscreen to Commonly Missed Spots
June 2017

“The Right Way to Wear Sunscreen”
On Don’t Fry Day, we clear up some misconceptions about shielding your skin.

“The Future Perfect” – Dr. Cohen discusses the future of filler for crow’s feet – Allure November 2016

“Which Peel Does What?” – Dr. Cohen discusses chemical peels – InStyle  Oct 2016

“Dangers of Tanning Bed Use” – Dr. Cohen contributes – Consumer Reports Jan 2017

“Double Up on Sun Protection” – Dr. Cohen contributes – Consumer Reports Jan 2017

Dr. Cohen discusses selecting the right sun protection.

The ever-evolving landscape of dermal fillers – Dr. Cohen contributes – New Beauty 2016

Should You Swim in a Green Pool?  Dr. Cohen adds his thoughts – August 2016

“Got Lip Lines? Here’s What a Dermatologist Would Do” – Dr. Cohen contributes his approach to pesky lines around the mouth – Readers Digest Jan 2017

Dr. Cohen – Women’s Health Aug 2016 – Cellfina for cellulite dimples

“Nasal reconstruction after skin cancer surgery” – Dr. Cohen provides instruction on nasal reconstruction techniques and scar minimizing laser procedures – Dermatology Times – Feb 2017

“Dual fractional laser offers advantages for facial rejuvenation” – Dr. Cohen contributes his experience with HALO hybrid fractional resurfacing for facial rejuvenation with little downtime” – Dermatology News – Feb 2017

“Laser resurfacing can effectively minimize post surgery scars” – Dr. Cohen reviews methods of laser scar treatments  – Dermatology News – Feb 2017

april 2017

“To Attenuate the Skin Cancer Epidemic, Start Early”

UV education and good SPF habits for children are essential to reversing worrisome skin cancer trends.    – April 2017

The science behind Retin-A and it’s anti-aging benefits – Dr. Cohen

Cellfina available in US for cellulite dimples – Dr. Cohen discusses US Launch – Med Esthetics Dec 2015

Anti-aging measures for Men – Dr. Cohen contributes – Men’s Health April 2014

11 Everyday habits that are keeping your skin from looking it’s best – Dr. Cohen provides advice – July 2016

Early diagnosis of skin cancer can save lives – Dr. Cohen comments – May 2015

Why it’s not a good idea to make your own sunscreen – Dr. Cohen explains – Consumer Reports July 2016

Redbook Jan 2015

Protecting your skin in Winter – Dr. Cohen comments – Redbook 2015

Microneedling therapy is an increasingly popular treatment of several dermatologic conditions.

“Science and Synergy” – Dr. Cohen is featured for research and collaboration in aesthetics – Mar 2014

Ever wonder why you get bruises seemingly out of nowhere? – Dr. Cohen explains – Lifehacker Sept 2016

Jan 2016 – Dr. Cohen – High altitude sun protection

Microneedling, the next big thing in skin care – Dr. Cohen comments

“12 Things that Raise Your Risk of Skin Cancer” – Dr. Cohen comments

“Highlight Your Assets” – Dr. Cohen comments on Cellfina for cellulite dimples

Achieving the perfect lip – Dr. Cohen comments

Why You Should Wear Sunscreen on a Plane – March 2016

9 Surprising Facts About Sunscreen – Dr. Joel Cohen – July 2015

“5 Reasons You Should Read Another Piece About Skin Cancer”

“New Beauty Goal: Plumper Cheeks”.  Restoring youthful volume with filler – Dr. Cohen

Dr. Cohen contributes to why women bruise more easily than men – Broadly.com – September 2016

Dr. Cohen urges self-exams of skin to catch cancer early – June 2009

Sunscreen tip from Dr. Cohen – August 2007

Why You Should Never Pop an Ear Pimple

Dr. Cohen – additive effects of Botox and fillers – March 2016

Feature on “Skin Safety” – Dr. Cohen contributes – May 2010

Skin Care Mistakes Anti-Aging Experts Never Make – Feb 2016

“How to Keep Your Skin Healthy in Extreme Weather” (X Games) – Jan 2016

“Here’s How to Actually Heal Your Dry, Chapped Lips” – Jan 2016

Dr. Cohen – “Improvement of Post-Surgical Scars with Laser Devices” – Sept 2015

Dr. Cohen explains why not to pop ear pimples – June 2015

“Skin Issues – Solved” – Dr. Cohen – August 2006


“Neurotoxin Dosing of Perioral Lines Investigated” – Dr. Cohen reviews the data  – Med Esthetics Sept 2012


“The Power of 3” – Dr. Cohen discusses the 3 available botulinum products on the market (Botox, Dysport, Xeomin) – Med Esthetics April 2014

More Jan 2008 Cover

“Saving Face” – Dr. Cohen – Jan 2008


High-Altitude Sun Protection  – Dr. Cohen – Aspen Peak 2012


How to protect your skin in the Winter – Dr. Cohen – Via. 2014


Sun Protection tips – Dr. Cohen – Alternative Medicine July/Aug 2007

“Yes Your Apple Watch is Giving You a Rash” – May 2015


“Fill Harmonics” – Dr. Cohen discusses the new and expanding filler options and their optimal uses – Med Esthetics Dec 2013


“Five Ways to Cool Down Quick.” – Dr. Joel Cohen – Esquire Spring 2009

lucky May 2015 Cover

Biopelle Stop the Clock – Dr. Cohen reviews – Lucky May 2015

Marie Claire Nov 2007 Cover

Cautionary tales about medi-spas – Dr. Cohen comments – Nov 2007


“Living a Life of Balance” -Feature on Dr. Joel Cohen – Colorado Expressions

MedEsthetics Mar 2016 Cover

“Smooth Operators” – Dr. Cohen discusses Cellfina, the newest option for cellulite dimples as well as other options – Med Esthetics Mar 2016

The new ‘baby face’ fillers that can fight the signs of aging

“Fillers: The latest options”
Strong portfolios offer tools to naturally enhance both face and hands