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“Dangers of Tanning Bed Use” – Dr. Cohen contributes – Consumer Reports Jan 2017

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“Double Up on Sun Protection” – Dr. Cohen contributes – Consumer Reports Jan 2017

“Got Lip Lines? Here’s What a Dermatologist Would Do” – Dr. Cohen contributes his approach to pesky lines around the mouth – Readers Digest Jan 2017

“The Future Perfect” – Dr. Cohen discusses the future of filler for crow’s feet – Allure November 2016


“Which Peel Does What?” – Dr. Cohen discusses chemical peels – InStyle 2016

Ever wonder why you get bruises seemingly out of nowhere? – Dr. Cohen explains – Lifehacker Sept 2016


Dr. Cohen contributes to why women bruise more easily than men – Broadly.com – September 2016

Dr. Cohen discusses selecting the right sun protection.

New Beauty Winter:Spring 2016 Cover

The ever-evolving landscape of dermal fillers – Dr. Cohen contributes – New Beauty 2016

Should You Swim in a Green Pool?  Dr. Cohen adds his thoughts – August 2016

Dr. Cohen – Women’s Health Aug 2016 – Cellfina for cellulite dimples

Cellfina available in US for cellulite dimples – Dr. Cohen discusses US Launch – Med Esthetics Dec 2015

Anti-aging measures for Men – Dr. Cohen contributes – Men’s Health April 2014

11 Everyday habits that are keeping your skin from looking it’s best – Dr. Cohen provides advice – July 2016

Early diagnosis of skin cancer can save lives – Dr. Cohen comments – May 2015

Why it’s not a good idea to make your own sunscreen – Dr. Cohen explains – Consumer Reports July 2016

Redbook Jan 2015

Protecting your skin in Winter – Dr. Cohen comments – Redbook 2015

“Highlight Your Assets” – Dr. Cohen comments on Cellfina for cellulite dimples

“Science and Synergy” – Dr. Cohen is featured for research and collaboration in aesthetics – Mar 2014

The science behind Retin-A and it’s anti-aging benefits – Dr. Cohen

Jan 2016 – Dr. Cohen – High altitude sun protection

Microneedling, the next big thing in skin care – Dr. Cohen comments

“12 Things that Raise Your Risk of Skin Cancer” – Dr. Cohen comments

“New Beauty Goal: Plumper Cheeks”.  Restoring youthful volume with filler – Dr. Cohen

Achieving the perfect lip – Dr. Cohen comments

Why You Should Wear Sunscreen on a Plane – March 2016

9 Surprising Facts About Sunscreen – Dr. Joel Cohen – July 2015

Dr. Cohen – the science behind Retin-A and it’s anti-aging benefits – Nov 2006

“5 Reasons You Should Read Another Piece About Skin Cancer”

Skin Care Mistakes Anti-Aging Experts Never Make – Feb 2016

Dr. Cohen urges self-exams of skin to catch cancer early – June 2009

Sunscreen tip from Dr. Cohen – August 2007

Why You Should Never Pop an Ear Pimple

Dr. Cohen – additive effects of Botox and fillers – March 2016

Feature on “Skin Safety” – Dr. Cohen contributes – May 2010

“Skin Issues – Solved” – Dr. Cohen – August 2006

Dr. Cohen – “Facial Filler Preferences Depend on Treatment Area” – June 2012

“How to Keep Your Skin Healthy in Extreme Weather” (X Games) – Jan 2016

“Here’s How to Actually Heal Your Dry, Chapped Lips” – Jan 2016

Dr. Cohen – “Improvement of Post-Surgical Scars with Laser Devices” – Sept 2015

Dr. Cohen explains why not to pop ear pimples – June 2015

“Yes Your Apple Watch is Giving You a Rash” – May 2015


“The Power of 3” – Dr. Cohen discusses the 3 available botulinum products on the market (Botox, Dysport, Xeomin) – Med Esthetics April 2014

More Jan 2008 Cover

“Saving Face” – Dr. Cohen – Jan 2008


High-Altitude Sun Protection  – Dr. Cohen – Aspen Peak 2012


How to protect your skin in the Winter – Dr. Cohen – Via. 2014


Sun Protection tips – Dr. Cohen – Alternative Medicine July/Aug 2007


“Fill Harmonics” – Dr. Cohen discusses the new and expanding filler options and their optimal uses – Med Esthetics Dec 2013

MedEsthetics Mar 2016 Cover

“Smooth Operators” – Dr. Cohen discusses Cellfina, the newest option for cellulite dimples as well as other options – Med Esthetics Mar 2016


“Five Ways to Cool Down Quick.” – Dr. Joel Cohen – Esquire Spring 2009

lucky May 2015 Cover

Biopelle Stop the Clock – Dr. Cohen reviews – Lucky May 2015

Marie Claire Nov 2007 Cover

Cautionary tales about medi-spas – Dr. Cohen comments – Nov 2007


“Living a Life of Balance” -Feature on Dr. Joel Cohen – Colorado Expressions


“Neurotoxin Dosing of Perioral Lines Investigated” – Dr. Cohen reviews the data  – Med Esthetics Sept 2012