Handling skin cancer with your dermatologist in Lone Tree

As the largest organ of the body, the skin is constantly exposed to various elements every day. Some of what our skin endures poses a threat to our health. As much as you might love spending time in the beautiful outdoor areas of Colorado, skin cancer is a condition that should always be considered. As many as one out of every five people in America will develop some form of skin cancer during his or her lifetime. While not all skin cancers are deadly, treatment for these abnormal skin lesions is an important aspect of staying as healthy as possible.

When a skin cancer diagnosis has been given, the first consideration is the optimal form of treatment. Dr. Cohen, Dr. Contreras, Dr. Stoler and Dr. Ho are your dermatologists in Lone Tree, also with a practice in Englewood, for the advanced treatment of skin cancers. At AboutSkin Dermatology, we approach treatment with Mohs skin cancer surgery, in which Dr. Cohen is FULL fellowship-trained – -a member of a small handful of dermatologists who have completed the arduous additional training of the American College of Mohs Surgery. Today, he performs this surgery in our state-of-the-art facilities, and he shares his extensive knowledge with peers through published works covering Mohs and reconstruction after skin cancer treatment.

Mohs skin cancer surgery has been effectively practiced by innovative physicians for more than half a century, with some additional updates in technology over the more recent years. The treatment is designed to accurately remove and examine cancerous tumors and lesions, using a method different from the standard surgical excision’s bread-loaf slicing of tissue. Because of its precise technique, Mohs analyzes the complete margin (and not just bread-loaf slices which can more likely miss intervening tumor) and preserving the highest degree of surrounding, healthy tissue. Only with this procedure, can your Mohs surgeon examine 100 percent of the margins and immediately assess removed tissue under a microscope.

Mohs boasts a 99 percent cure rate for most newly developed cancers, and is highly successful in the removal of recurring cancers, making it a viable solution for those who have undergone previous cancer treatment. In many cases, necessary reconstruction can be performed the same day. Dr. Cohen has served on many dermatologic surgical committees and boards over the years, and has performed over 5,000 Mohs surgeries. He is a leader in the field of dermatologic surgery, and lectures internationally on this topic as well as aesthetic dermatology and laser procedures. He has even lectured at the US Armed Forces “Wounded Warrior” course on using lasers to treat scars. And, he is currently finishing editing a textbook on reconstruction of skin cancer defects along with two other internationally-recognized Mohs surgeons.

Hearing the diagnosis “skin cancer” can cause feelings of great fear. The highest percentage of skin cancers, however, is non-malignant. In caring, experienced hands of Dr. Cohen, early-detected skin cancers can be treated successfully. To keep skin as healthy as possible, wear sunscreen on a daily basis, and visit your dermatologist in Lone Tree for regular skin assessments.

Don’t feel anxious over skin cancer. Protect yourself through information and healthy practices, and contact us for early detection and treatment.