Loose Skin Treatment Lone Tree

Ultherapy loose skin treatment: The lift that complements Lone Tree looks

Adults in the South Denver-Englewood and Lone Tree area care about their looks. You go to the gym, get your hair done, and choose attractive apparel. Dr. Joel Cohen and his aesthetic team at AboutSkin Dermatology and DermSurgery, PC suggest another means to look your attractive best. It’s called Ultherapy, and it is an effective, non-surgical treatment for loose skin under the chin, on the neck, at the brow, and on the upper chest.

Ultherapy utilizes safe, time-tested ultrasound technology for rejuvenation in two ways:

  • Collagen regeneration. The FDA-cleared device sends a controlled dose of ultrasound energy into deep dermal layers. It bypasses surface skin without damage, but focuses on tissues beneath, creating a thermal response. As those deeper skin cells heat up, the body reacts by producing new collagen for healing. Tissues tighten from within, pulling surface skin into firmer, more youthful contours.
  • Visual precision. You are probably familiar with the concept of ultrasound imaging, which allows expectant mothers to see pictures of their babies still in the womb. A visual recording is made as harmless, inaudible sound waves bounce off of tissues and organs. The Ultherapy platform includes ultrasound imaging on a computer screen. That allows Dr. Cohen to see exactly where delivery of ultrasound thermal energy will create the most advantageous results.

The beauty of Ultherapy is that it utilizes the body’s own natural healing processes, without need for surgery or medications. Each patient responds differently to the sensation of ultrasound energy, but it is typically well tolerated and felt only during treatment. Some patients experience slight redness, swelling, or tenderness but it is temporary. There is essentially no downtime following Ultherapy treatment. You may return to work or usual activities immediately and wear makeup.

Over the next two to three months collagen production in treated areas goes into high gear, creating visibly firmer, smoother skin. Usually just one Ultherapy treatment is needed for desired results, but additional sessions may be scheduled for more lift. Over time, as skin continues to age, periodic treatments maintain skin tightness.

Surgical facelift removes excess skin and tightens underlying muscles. It is important to have realistic expectations. Ultherapy does not duplicate the effects of facelift surgery. However, starting this natural healing therapy at the first signs of aging can keep sagging skin at bay.

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