Mohs Skin Surgery Englewood CO

Determining if Mohs is the right skin surgery – details from your Englewood CO dermatologist

The diagnosis of skin cancer can be frightening. During this time, gathering information is the key to facilitating a smooth process through treatment and recovery, as this step will help you determine the path best suited to your needs. At AboutSkin Dermatology, we incorporate the latest technology and technique, using Mohs skin cancer surgery, performed by a full fellowship-trained Mohs College surgeon, in our Englewood and Lone Tree, CO facilities.

This surgical procedure, although not used by all dermatologists, has been used for well over fifty years. Today, it is viewed as the most advanced approach in the diagnosis and treatments of skin cancer, incorporating extreme precision. Through Mohs surgery, Dr. Cohen reaches cancerous skin cells effectively, without posing harm to the skin of the surrounding area. There is no estimating how much tissue needs to be removed, only direct visualization and gradual removal of the affected cells, nothing more and, certainly, nothing less.

Mohs comes with a number of very exciting benefits. Learning them will help you determine if this is the right treatment for you.

  • Mohs holds the highest rate for successful skin cancer treatment to date – approximately 99%.
  • Ability to remove cancerous cells of the affected area completely, leading to a very low risk of recurrence.
  • Ability to achieve results even when other treatment has proven ineffective.
  • Highly effective at saving healthy tissue around the affected area.
  • Same-day surgical procedure, requiring no hospitalization.

Undergoing treatment for skin cancer should not stop you from engaging in life. With Mohs surgery, the surgical procedure is completed on an outpatient basis, requiring only local anesthetic to maintain comfort. Avoiding a procedure in which general anesthesia is required means that patients are back at home quickly, feeling good. Mohs also carries a far lower risk of complications, and leads to a faster recovery period, due to the fact that there is no need for anesthesia.

Physicians now know that patients who have developed one area of skin cancer are more likely to experience another area of concern. Because early detection makes a world of difference in prognosis, we recommend regular skin assessments with your experienced dermatologist.

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