Finding relief from acne with help from your dermatologist in Englewood CO

June 30, 2015

At AboutSkin Dermatology, our clinicians consult with patients of various ages on the topic of acne. A common skin concern, acne is not reserved just for adolescents. In fact, there are instances when children, or men and women well past their teens experience breakouts or ongoing skin irritation. While it is true that acne most commonly begins in the years when hormones first begin to surge, there are various times in life, and various circumstances, that may lead to issues with acne. Oral contraceptives, pregnancy and nursing, aging, and even stress can all impact the health of the skin. With help from your dermatologist in Englewood or Lone Tree CO, skin irritations can be quickly addressed and alleviated.

For those who experience acne, life can be challenging. The clusters of whiteheads, blackheads, and redness cannot be hidden, leading to lowered self-confidence and even depression in some patients. Regardless of age, the emotional impact of acne can be hugely detrimental, which is why we have assembled a number of treatment options that your dermatologist in our Englewood or Lone Tree CO practice can discuss with you.

Much of the time, individuals who suffer from acne may first reach for over-the-counter ointments or face wash. In some instances, when acne is not severe, these remedies may eliminate irritation. Applying these treatments aggressively, however, may simply cause further irritation. Patients with more severe forms of acne may also experience a worsening of symptoms should the skin not tolerate ingredients well. If, in any case, acne does not improve after several weeks of using over-the-counter product, we encourage you to see a dermatologist in our Englewood CO office or our Lone Tree location.

Every patient has his or her own unique makeup of skin. Acne treatment, therefore, is most successful after an in-depth look at the possible causes and specific state of a patient’s skin. In our practice, we offer a number of ways to deal with acne in its various states. Based on your specific concerns and the overall health of skin, your dermatologist at AboutSkin Dermatology can help you find the relief you are looking for through the most suitable form of treatment. AboutSkin Dermatology offers advanced acne treatments such as the Acleara acne laser-light treatment, acne-specific chemical peels, and red light photodynamic therapy (RED LIGHT PDT) for acne.

You deserve to feel great about the way you look. Don’t let acne steal your confidence. Contact us today to effectively eliminate breakouts and skin irritation.