Sagging Skin

Patients in Denver area treated to ultrasound solution for sagging skin

Sagging skin is a primary cause of wrinkles. Droops add years to your appearance, from eyebrows to décolletage. Once, the only feasible treatment was surgical removal of excess skin to reduce laxity. Today patients in the Denver area have a non-surgical option. Dr. Joel Cohen and his team at AboutSkin Denver Dermatology and DermSurgery, PC use innovative Ultherapy technology to deliver lift and firmness for younger looking skin.

Why skin sags

As we age our faces lose natural volume – a combination of internal hydration, fatty tissue, muscle, and bone. At the same time our bodies begin to produce less of the protein called collagen that gives skin structure and firmness. You might think of it as putting on a sweater that is a few sizes too large. In much the same way that the extra fabric would drape into folds, aging skin falls more loosely over this reduced substructure.

Understanding ultrasound

Ultrasound (or sonography) is based on sound waves. A transducer emits high frequency sound waves that cannot be heard by the human ear. The device records the echoes of those sound waves as they bounce off of soft tissues and organs, producing images on a computer screen.

New application for time tested technology

The history of ultrasound therapy actually dates back to World War II when sonar systems were used to navigate submarines. It became obvious that the high intensity ultrasound waves were killing fish by heating them. The discovery led to important research into therapeutic and healing potential for deep tissue heating. Ultrasound has been used in this manner since the 1940s for physical and occupational therapy.

Ultherapy utilizes ultrasound technology in two ways to lift and rejuvenate. First, the FDA cleared instrument deposits focused ultrasound energy into deep dermal layers, without harm to surface skin. That creates a carefully controlled thermal response that triggers neocollagenesis – stimulation of fresh, new collagen bundles. Second, ultrasound imaging allows the doctor to clearly identify layers of tissue where treatment will be most beneficial.

There are no injections, cutting, or sutures and none of the risks associated with anesthetic. Plus, there’s minimal downtime with Ultherapy. You may return to work or usual activities next day.

As your body regenerates collagen naturally, skin begins to lift and tighten visibly (usually in two to three months). Often only one initial treatment is needed for desired results, but your own unique physiology determines your response to Ultherapy. No procedure can stop aging, but with good external skin care, Ultherapy results are long lasting. Most patients are so pleased that they schedule periodic touch up sessions.

Are you ready for a new solution to sagging skin? Call AboutSkin at 303.756.SKIN (7546) to schedule an Ultherapy consultation at our South Denver-Englewood location or in Lone Tree.