Sagging Skin Lone Tree

Causes of sagging skin in South Denver – Greenwood Village and Lone Tree

Sagging skin is one of the first noticeable signs of aging, especially on the face. It begins with a subtle loss of elasticity, leaving you looking sad, tired, or haggard. You might see a few fine lines forming, and notice your skin acquiring a more lax and crinkled appearance. Over time, the sagging becomes worse until you have deeper wrinkles, folds, and jowls.

Modern aesthetic medicine offers a wide variety of solutions, and a combination of techniques is often used to restore a youthful appearance. The first step in understanding the solution is understanding the cause of the problem. In the case of sagging skin, age and UV exposure are the primary causes, but there are other factors as well.

  1. Age – Skin composition changes over time, even with excellent care. Collagen and elastin levels drop, certain muscles weaken, and skin layers become thinner. These effects, combined with the pull of gravity, cause skin begin to develop laxity.
  1. Sun exposure – Although aging is inevitable, it seems to happen more quickly for some people. One of the most significant factors determining the rate of aging is UV radiation exposure, which may come from natural sunlight or from indoor tanning lamps.
  1. Skin care – Dedicated use of sunscreen, along with a customized skincare regimen using quality products can help your skin stay firmer, more elastic, and more youthful. However, neglecting your skin can allow time, exposure to the elements, and other factors to wreak havoc with your skin unchecked.
  1. Other habits – Proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle are good for your entire body, including your skin. Unhealthy habits such as smoking can have the unexpected side effect of severely exacerbating the aging process.

No one can stop time, but the right products and technologies in the right hands can certainly help turn back the hands and reset the clock to a more youthful appearance. Techniques such as dermal fillers, superficial skin tightening with Inifini, deeper skin tightening with Ulthera, laser resurfacing, and more can work together to address the various signs of aging for a truly natural and youthful appearance. At AboutSkin Dermatology and DermSurgery, PC we offer a comprehensive array of anti-aging solutions at our offices in South Denver in Greenwood Village and Lone Tree. Call us at 303.756.SKIN (7546) and schedule a consultation today.