Sagging Skin Treatment Englewood

Doctors in Englewood address the science of sagging skin

It is virtually inevitable – as we age we develop sagging skin, especially visible on the brow, face, neck, and upper chest. It isn’t a health threat, but it can be distressing, causing you to look older than you feel. As the owner of that complexion, it is easy to focus only on the symptoms. As Board certified dermatologists, however, the doctors at AboutSkin Dermatology and DermSurgery, PC (with offices in South Denver-Englewood and Lone Tree) delve into the science of sagging skin to arrive at effective solutions.

Ultrasound technology for firmer skin

Breakdown of collagen is a primary cause of sagging skin. Collagen is a fibrous protein that creates a strong mesh giving structure to surface skin. Over time our bodies produce less collagen, allowing skin to droop. The secret to firmer skin is regeneration of collagen. Ultrasound energy is an effective means to trigger collagen production. Properly administered, ultrasound energy bypasses surface skin as it warms deep dermal layers, stimulating the body’s natural neocollagenesis process.

What about home ultrasound devices?

While home ultrasound devices are available for aesthetic improvement of skin, Dr. Joel Cohen and his team at AboutSkin caution patients to consider these critical factors:

  • Safety. Home devices can result in hotspots, where tissue is excessively heated resulting in discomfort and possible tissue damage. Professional application is carefully controlled and safe.
  • Effectiveness. Used properly, home devices may cause no harm, but do they actually help sagging skin? Ultrasound skin tightening administered by a Board certified dermatologist precisely targets tissue layers where treatment is most beneficial, for effective result.
  • Combination protocols. Lax skin is just one of the visible signs of aging. A comprehensive rejuvenation plan addresses other factors with appropriate skin care products, resurfacing techniques, neuromodulators, and dermal fillers.
  • Medical supervision. A dermatologist is uniquely qualified to recognize and analyze potential skin problems. When you seek professional aesthetic skin care, you have the assurance of the doctor’s watchful eye for overall skin wellness.

AboutSkin utilizes the FDA-cleared Ultherapy skin tightening technique. It combines the effectiveness of ultrasound neocollagenesis with the precision of ultrasound imaging, delivered in the safety of a clinical environment.

Call AboutSkin today to learn more about Ultherapy and other skin rejuvenation innovations. The number is 303.756.SKIN (7546).