AboutSkin Dermatology is proud to announce that our office has been selected to offer Cellfina, the FDA-approved device for the treatment of cellulite on the upper thighs and buttocks. Only 14 sites in the entire world have access to this technology and our very own Dr. Joel Cohen and Dr. Michael Contreras are a part of this select group of physicians.

For the majority of our patients, only a single treatment is needed to see results and these results are long lasting; patient satisfaction is an amazing 94% at one year and 96% at two years after just one treatment. (Other cellulite treatments cannot compete with these satisfaction rates at even 6 months.)

This procedure is quick and easy, especially in comparison to cellulite procedures of the past; it is performed in-office and only takes about an hour. After a local numbing agent is administered, a specialized hand piece is used to precisely access the under-lying tissue that causes cellulite. By releasing the cellulite causing bands within the skin using the Cellfina device, our doctors can smooth the skin on the upper thighs and buttocks.

The downtime involved with this procedure is very minimal, as patients typically experience only 5-10 days of mild swelling and tenderness.

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