Skin Cancer Treatment Englewood

Choosing the most appropriate skin cancer treatment from your Englewood dermatologist

At AboutSkin Dermatology, we take great care with all of our patients. Those who are facing skin cancer are given the special consideration their diagnosis warrants, with specific focus provided to treatment options. While there are several acceptable ways to approach skin cancer treatment such as standard surgical removal, scraping and burning, freezing (cryosurgery), or laser surgery, Mohs treatment stands above any other and is regularly used in our Englewood and Lone Tree offices.

Mohs is known for having the highest success rate among all available procedures, regardless of the type of skin cancer being treated. All other treatments’ success is dependent on the surgeon’s ability to estimate the extent of the treatment area, which leaves a large margin for error simply due to the inability to visualize the extent of damaged tissue immediately. In addition to the precision of Mohs, this form of treatment is flexible and ideal in scenarios such as:

  • Recurrent skin cancer after previous treatment
  • The treatment of skin cancer on highly visible areas where aesthetics preservation is key
  • Skin cancer within existing scar tissue
  • Large areas of damaged tissue
  • Cancer with ill-defined margins
  • Rapidly growing skin cancers

Mohs is a procedure that is now performed by a great number of physicians around the world, as board certification is not a requirement. Dr. Cohen, however, has completed the strenuous, extensive training program with The American College of Mohs Surgery to perform this intricate and delicate procedure most precisely, leading to the highest possible success rate for every patient.

This training, intended for the ultimate benefit of the patient, is available to those physicians who have completed a dermatology residency, or one in a related field, and have successfully completed a highly competitive selection process. Upon acceptance, these physicians complete a training program of one to two years, taking them through a rigorous curriculum, which includes both non-operative and operative education as well as other important aspects of Mohs.

When your concern is the elimination of skin cancer and its possible complications, Mohs surgery with a fully trained Mohs surgeon allows you the best potential. With the help of Dr. Cohen and the AboutSkin Dermatology staff, you can feel confident in your skin cancer treatment.

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