Tightening Skin Denver

Denver area doctors deliver options for tightening skin without surgery

Few people want a scar. It’s usually the visual representation of an undesirable incident. However, research into what happens inside the body during the creation of a scar has allowed huge advances in aesthetic dermatology. New skin tightening techniques, based on those concepts, are available to women and men in the South Denver-Englewood and Lone Tree area, that don’t require surgery or drugs. Dr. Joel Cohen of AboutSkin Dermatology and DermSurgery, PC explains.

The secret to tighter skin lies within

It is a common misconception that sags, droops, lines, wrinkles and folds are the result of skin stretching. While this can be the case with sudden weight loss, the primary cause of skin laxity is diminishing stores of collagen in deep skin layers. As we age our bodies produce less of this strong protein fiber that supports surface skin, and environmental factors like sun exposure and pollution further deplete collagen.

However, the human body has the ability to accelerate production of collagen when necessary for healing. For example, when the surface of skin is injured, such as from trauma or surgery, a great many new collagen bundles form in that spot to mend the wound. The scar that they create is strong, thick, and firm. The same thing is happening in deeper dermal layers; you just don’t see it.

Innovative skin tightening technologies put that information to use, to tighten skin from the inside out. They use various modalities such as infrared light or ultrasound energy to warm deep tissue layers without harm to the top strata of skin and with minimal discomfort. This carefully controlled “injury” demands extra collagen for internal healing. Over the course of a few months, skin lifts and tightens visibly in treated areas.

Non-surgical skin tightening options at AboutSkin

Dr. Cohen recognizes each patient as a unique individual with a special combination of skin type, lifestyle, and rejuvenation goals. At AboutSkin, there is no “one size fits all” program for tightening skin. He designs customized rejuvenation protocols including treatments like SkinTyte infrared skin tightening and Ultherapy ultrasound treatment. He combines them with chemical peels, VidaLight facials, laser resurfacing, neuromodulators (Botox, Xeomin, and Dysport), and dermal fillers to address all signs of aging skin – without a single incision or suture, and with little or no downtime.

Would you like to learn more about personalized, non-surgical options for younger looking skin? Call AboutSkin at 303.756.SKIN (7546) to schedule a consultation at their South Denver-Englewood or Lone Tree location.