Ultherapy Denver

An uplifting alternative to a facelift in South Denver – Greenwood Village and Lone Tree

AboutSkin Dermatology and DermSurgury, PC is proud to offer our patients a safe non-invasive skin tightening solution. Ultherapy, available at both of our offices in South Denver – Greenwood Village and Lone Tree, is a technologically advanced way to lift and tighten skin without surgery.

What Ultherapy can accomplish

Many individuals who want improvement in their jowls, a lift of their brows, or neck tightening do not want the downtime and risk associated with a facelift. The next best non-surgical option available is Ultherapy. Whereas as facelift achieves tightening by the surgical removal of excess skin, Ulthera achieves tightening by targeting the deep tissues of the skin with focused ultrasound energy that causes tissue contraction and collagen production. There are many advantages of Ultherapy as compared to surgical treatment and other alternatives including:

  • Ultherapy requires no anesthesia and it is performed on an outpatient basis. Most patients need only ibuprofen for pain control, but stronger oral pain medicine is available. With proper pretreatment medications, any discomfort felt should be minimal, and fade when the procedure is complete.
  • A natural result – This technique does not remove or rearrange skin and other facial tissues. Instead, it works by stimulating the development of new collagen and the tightening of existing collagen. As skin gradually tightens, it returns to a more youthful position and texture.
  • No scar – In today’s cosmetic surgery, the scars are disguised, usually by locating them near the hairline. However, an incision will leave a scar somewhere, no matter how the surgery is performed. With Ultherapy, there is no incision and therefore, no scar.
  • No downtime – You can resume your normal daily activities immediately after treatment, which only takes about an hour. Any lingering redness or tenderness in the treatment area should fade very quickly.
  • Precision treatment – Because Ultherapy utilizes advanced ultrasound technology, the practitioner can “see” beneath the skin to target the exact tissues that need tightening with no guesswork.
  • Continuing improvement – If you don’t want your dramatic change to be the subject of water-cooler gossip, you will appreciate the gradual, yet significant, improvement that develops over a period of about three months.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of Ultherapy, call AboutSkin Dermatology and DermSurgery, PC at 303.756.7546 (SKIN) and schedule a consultation.