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Dr. Joel Cohen  talks sunburns and the importance of sunscreen on Denver7
Published July 29, 2017

Dr. Joel Cohen demonstrates the HALO LASER RESURFACING system and touts it’s benefits in reduction of sun damage and aging skin – November 2016.

ABC 7 News  July 2016 – Get your Skin Checked!  Dr. Cohen reviews signs and symptoms of SKIN CANCER and importance of seeing a professional Dermatologist for concerning spots.

Dr. Joel Cohen meets with THE DOCTORS to describe the signs and symptoms of SKIN CANCER, surgical treatment options, and ways to lower skin cancer risk. (2010)

CBS Denver – June 2016 – Dr. Joel Cohen discusses the genetics of aging and how our knowledge of GENETICS AND AGING helps to guide optimal rejuvenation with injectables (filler, botulinum toxins). www.momgenes.com

The Denver Channel – May 2016 – Recent studies have led to concern about the safety of sunscreen ingredients. Dr. Cohen reviews the data.

Dr. Joel Cohen demonstrates the use of INTENSE PULSED LIGHT (IPL) for treatment of brown spots associated with chronic sun exposure.

Dr. Joel Cohen discusses types of FILLERS and uses for adding volume for facial rejuvenation and treatment of folds and wrinkles.

Dr. Joel Cohen reviews the three available BOTULINUM TOXINS and their use in facial rejuvenation.

Dr. Joel Cohen explains the causes and treatments for MELASMA, also known as “the mask of pregnancy”.

ROSACEA leads to redness and pimple-like lesions on the face. Dr. Cohen reviews the features of rosacea and treatment options available.

MELASMA is known as the “mask of pregnancy” but often occurs without reason. Dr. Cohen reviews the darkening of the skin in melasma and treatment options available.

Dr. Joel Cohen reviews the causes of ACNE and the importance of a combination approach to treatment, including medical procedures available at AboutSkin Dermatology.

Dr. Joel Cohen discusses causes and treatment for ACNE in adults.

Dr. Joel Cohen reviews treatments for prevention of ACNE.

Dr. Joel Cohen discusses the importance of proper nutrition for skin health.

Dr. Joel Cohen discusses the types of SKIN CANCER and recommendations for skin cancer screening exams.

Dr. Joel Cohen discusses appropriate use of SUNSCREEN and reviews the signs and symptoms of skin cancer.

Dr. Cohen describes best practices for SUMMER SUN PROTECTION including the use of hats, sun protective clothing, sunglasses, and sunscreen.

Dr. Joel Cohen gives tips on skin care regimens for maintaining youthful looking skin, especially sun protection.

Dr. Joel Cohen reviews the importance of SUNSCREEN and what ingredients to look for in your products.