Being Happy Shouldn’t Age You: How BOTOX® Hides Smile Lines

February 8, 2021
Joel Cohen

Those tiny lines at the outer corners of your eyes, nicknamed “crow’s feet,” occur due to the movements of the muscles around your eyes, which constantly tug and squeeze at the thin, delicate skin in this facial area. These wrinkles are also called “smile lines,” and are especially noticeable when you’re smiling and laughing. Although some people are bothered by these lines and think they make the face look older, they’re not all bad—after all, they allow you to “smile with your eyes” and are thought to be indicators of a joyful life. Maybe you actually like the character that these tiny lines add to your face—the way they make your smiles seem more authentic, or the many happy times they represent—but just wish they were a little less pronounced. If so, BOTOX® injections from our Denver-area providers at AboutSkin Dermatology are just what you need to give yourself a smoother, younger, more fresh-faced appearance.

Many of the wrinkles that form on your face are called “expression lines” and are linked to the repeated facial expressions we make each day. Each time you smile, laugh, or squint, the skin around your eyes creases up, and grooves form below the surface. Eventually, our skin, which is already thin and dry around the eyes, becomes weaker with age as collagen production declines in the skin, so it can no longer spring back into place. If you naturally have a more expressive face, these lines can look more prominent.

Here’s how this powerful injectable works to get to the root cause of these lines and temporarily make them less noticeable. BOTOX® is an injectable made from botulinum toxin, a chemical that, when introduced into targeted facial muscles, temporarily prevents the signal that tells the muscles to contract. Depending on the dose recommended by your physician, the degree of muscle relaxation can be tailored to your specific needs. By relaxing these specific muscles, wrinkles can smooth out so that they are minimized for around three to four months. The effects are generally very subtle, and with proper dosing selected by an experienced physician, you can still make facial expressions without looking frozen.

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