Cosmetic dermatologists in Englewood CO help men maintain their competitive edge

June 30, 2015

There was once a time when our level of experience shown on paper was all that was needed to keep us in the running professionally. Today, on both the social and professional fronts, both men and women are finding that appearances count for much more than they used to. The difference between the sexes, however, is that women have long seemed more comfortable in seeking cosmetic treatment, such as those offered by the dermatologists in our Englewood and Lone Tree CO offices.

In recent years, men have begun to discover the immense benefits that come from cosmetic dermatology treatments like Botox or dermal fillers, even laser treatments. For these men, they find their rejuvenated appearance to be an integral step in maintaining success in the highly competitive market we live in today.

Similar to women, our male patients report feeling as though they woke up one day to find wrinkles had formed on once-smooth skin. They further report that looking good is a large part of what keeps them on top in both their social and professional dealings, with treatments from the cosmetic dermatologists in AboutSkin’s Englewood or Lone Tree CO office making them look younger than they really are.

What was once a closely held secret by most men, “Brotox” is now a term that you may hear on the news or read in magazine stories. Fortunately, there is no negative connotation related to undergoing cosmetic treatments today, with a good number of older men now reaching for new ways to go head to head with job applicants years younger than they are.

Image consultants have stated for years that first impressions are highly important in procuring a new job, getting a promotion, or even growing a business. Men have found enhancing their image a bit more challenging than women, who can easily change their look with a new hairstyle or updated clothing that is on-trend. Men of a certain age have had limited options for enhancing their appearance in the past, but today, all that is needed is a visit to our Englewood practice for a cosmetic consultation.

Undergoing cosmetic treatments such as Botox, dermal fillers, or laser treatments is ideal for the man who wishes to rejuvenate his appearance. Our non-invasive treatments allow you to look like your best self, not some dramatically altered version of you with too-tight skin.

Keep your competitive edge and boost your confidence. Contact us for your dermatology consultation today.