New Technology used at AboutSkin Derm

November 15, 2015

1-Rejuvenate your hands:

Radiesse is now FDA-approved and AboutSkin is the ONLY “Hand Center of Excellence” designated by the Radiesse manufacturer within many surrounding states.

2-Target unwanted buttock & thigh dimples:

AboutSkin is one of only 14 offices globally to have Cellfina, an FDA approved technology specifically and only for “dimple-type cellulite” showing 96% patient satisfaction after treatment at 2 years.

3-Melt away chin fat:

Kybella chin fat treatment injections became available this summer, and we participated in this FDA-trial over the past few years–so Dr. Cohen & Dr. Contreras are the most experienced on this treatment in the region.

4-Non-surgically tighten your face & neck:

AboutSkin has participated in clinical trials with Ulthera, so we have the most experience in the region specifically with the newest updates to this FDA-approved treatment. Check out the video that the manufacturer produced with Dr. Cohen due to our success here at AboutSkin with this treatment (showing some of our before and after photos with actual AboutSkin patients).