Correct Skin Laxity and Reduce Cellulite with Advanced Non-Invasive Treatments in Denver

Cellulite is a skin condition that over ninety percent of all women have and treating it can be frustrating. Despite the common misconception, cellulite is not caused by excess fat. It’s associated with the fibrous connective collagen cords beneath the skin that bind it to the muscle layer. When the collagen bands tighten and fat cells protrude against the skin, this is what creates an uneven surface. Additionally, it becomes more difficult for men and women to maintain tight skin as they get older and the effects of gravity, along with other external stressors, have an impact on their skin. The outer surface of the skin becomes slack as collagen and elastin fibers deteriorate. Emtone® from Denver’s AboutSkin Dermatology and DermSurgery is a new FDA-cleared device from BTL Aesthetics that will make patients look years younger by tightening skin without them having to undergo invasive surgery.

How Does Emtone® Work?

Emtone® from AboutSkin Dermatology is a new skin tightening procedure for reducing stubborn cellulite and loose skin. This is the first and only treatment that combines heat-based energy from monopolar radiofrequency and mechanical pressure energy from soundwaves to enhance the overall appearance of the skin. This combination encourages the regeneration of collagen and elastin tissues – two proteins that are essential for maintaining supple, elastic skin. The treatment also encourages the removal of metabolic waste and increased blood circulation.

Emtone® not only minimizes cellulite on the buttocks and thighs but also makes skin on other body areas such as the abdomen and arms firmer. It also can be used on the hips, love handles, and almost anywhere else on the body. Emtone® is performed as an in-office procedure during which a massage-like machine is applied to areas of the body in circular motions. The skin is warmed to a temperature of 108–111ºF to induce structural changes.

Emtone® targets the primary underlying factors linked to cellulite: reduced skin elasticity, enlarged fat chambers, metabolic waste retention, poor blood circulation, and tightened fibrous bands or septae. During the procedure, patients may experience a warm sensation that is similar to a hot stone massage along with intense mechanical vibrations, but it usually will not be painful. The heat intensity can be adjusted at any time to be comfortable for the patient. Each session is completed in only around twenty minutes. No anesthesia will be required.

Who Would Be an Ideal Candidate for Emtone®?

Emtone® at AboutSkin Dermatology would be beneficial for most people from various BMI levels who are searching for a non-invasive method that reduces the dimpling caused by cellulite and enhances the overall tightness of their skin. Patients who have noticed more pronounced loose skin after pregnancy or because of aging would be good candidates for Emtone®.

What Can You Expect from Emtone® Recovery and Results?

With Emtone® there is minimal discomfort, no long recovery time, and more predictable results compared to other skin tightening procedures. Patients may feel more comfortable about their appearance after this treatment. The increased production of collagen and elastin results in a smoother overall skin tone and a more sculpted look with fewer lumps and bumps.

The results will continue to improve within the next several weeks to months. Even though patients have reported seeing results after just one procedure, multiple Emtone® treatments spaced out overall several weeks may be needed to maximize results. Most people will need at least four sessions of Emtone® scheduled once or twice weekly. The longevity of results all depends on the age of the patient, the severity of the skin laxity, and which area of the body they wish to improve. Patients can maintain the results by having touch-up Emtone® treatments each year if they wish to.

Are there Other Skin Tightening and Body Contouring Treatments Available in Denver?

Along with Emtone®, AboutSkin Dermatology also provides an extensive selection of other skin tightening and fat reduction options including Emsculpt Neo® to reduce fat while building muscle, radiofrequency-based Genius RF for promoting collagen regeneration in the deep skin layers, Kybella® to dissolve submental fat, and Ultherapy, an ultrasound-based skin tightening technique.

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