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Men wanting to look the best for their age have many options available to them at AboutSkin Dermatology and DermSurgery. In recent years, men have begun to discover the immense benefits that come from cosmetic dermatology treatments. We have noticed an increasing number of men in the Denver area interested in achieving their personal aesthetic goals at our practice, which is why we offer a range of options customized to the patient.

Why Have Treatments Just for Men?

There are two primary reasons the AboutSkin team offers treatments focused uniquely on men.

The first reason is that men have distinct features that set them apart from women, including thicker skin, stronger muscles of expression, more prominent facial hair, lower brows, denser bones, squared structure, and more. Any treatment administered to a male patient must take these differences into account. For example, product dosage calculated for a woman may not be sufficient enough to generate desired results for a man.

The second reason is that men typically have different goals than women. Men may feel that they have “earned” some signs of aging, such as facial lines that may convey authority and encourage respect. As opposed to smoothing them out completely, men may choose to merely reduce them, in order to appear revitalized without sacrificing maturity or appearing feminized.

Our Board-Certified Physicians have the experience to understand the nuance that makes male-focused treatments as effective as possible.

Why Do Men Choose Cosmetic Treatments?

Many men, especially in the business world, maintain their health by eating well, working out, and setting realistic goals, but they find that their aging looks do not match how young they feel. These men frequently find a rejuvenated appearance to be an integral step in maintaining success in the highly competitive market we live in today. This also translates to the modern dating scene.

Some men opt for treatments in order to look more consistent with how they feel so they can stay at the top of their game. The goal is often not to look younger, as with many women seeking treatments, but to convey an image of vitality and health.

Popular Procedures for Men

The three most popular cosmetic options for men at AboutSkin Dermatology are neuromodulators, dermal fillers, and laser treatments.

Available neuromodulators include BOTOX®Dysport®, Xeomin®, and Jeuveau. All work the same way: They relax facial muscles that reveal creases and lines when certain expressions are made. These injectables’ effects are temporary, lasting months at a time.

Fillers are intended for addressing volume loss typically associated with aging. As collagen and facial fat diminish over time, the face can develop unwanted creases, as well as hollows that create a gaunt appearance. Adding temporary volume where necessary can help to maintain everything from smoother skin to a fuller, rejuvenated mid-face to a well-defined jawline.

Lasers, lights, and other energy-delivering devices have a multitude of uses, including resurfacing the skin to soften etched-in lines and reverse sun damage, removing unwanted hair, lightening redness and pigment problems with IPL, and more.

Many of the treatments can be combined to give men personalized results. Talk to a member of our team to discover what a difference a male-focused treatment can make.

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