Reduce wrinkles, tighten skin, lift face, and minimize laxity in Denver. About Skin was one of the original 6 clinical trial sites for Emface starting in early 2022 and offers a variety of scientifically validated BTL aesthetic devices that not only include EmFace, but Emsculpt Neo, Emsella, and Emtone.

EmFace is a revolutionary new technology for facial rejuvenation and definition. It simultaneously strengthens and tones facial muscles during a single 20 minute treatment. The cutting-edge procedure delivers High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFES) energies and synchronized Radio Frequency (RF) to give you a younger, healthier appearance. This technology uses these strong safe radio frequency and electromagnetic energies to tighten your facial muscles and tissues. EmFace from Denver’s AboutSkin Dermatology and DermSurgery is a non-invasive treatment that results in more lift and less wrinkles.

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How Does EmFace® Work?

There is a safe and effective way to reduce the effects of aging on your face! EmFace is a new and scientifically proven innovative procedure. It works with a combination of two proven technologies used for the first time to provide amazing results. These two technologies work together to lift and sculpt the face, while also reducing facial wrinkles and sagging for an overall healthy, younger looking appearance. High Intensity Focused Electric (HIFES) energy

is a technology that provides supramaximal contractions to the delicate muscles in the face to improve tone and lift facial structures. The HIFES selectively contracts muscles, hereby improving muscle structure. The focused application of energy uses radio frequency emissions to heat the dermis, thereby boosting the skin’s collagen and elastin; essential structured building blocks that give your skin a youthful texture and a more defined structure. This provides better facial definition (especially in the jawline) and increases resting muscle tone without injections (or can be used in conjunction with injectables). Dr. Cohen has presented his EmFace clinical trial data all over the world, and has been quoted on it in many magazines and articles. Experience more lift and less wrinkles at Denver’s AboutSkin Dermatology and DermSurgery!

What Are the Benefits of EmFace?

EmFace is a non-invasive facial lifting, skin-toning, and wrinkle reducing cosmetic procedure! It is possible to improve the appearance of your face with non-invasive treatments that treat both your facial muscles and your skin. During EmFace clinical trials, patients had 37% fewer wrinkles and 30% more muscle tone on average. EmFace gives instant gratification with its dual technology facial procedure. Because of the dual effects, the amazing results that patients experienced a 23% increase in facial-lift, 24% more natural collagen, and 2 times more structural elastin.

What to expect with EmFace

EmFace is an innovative non-invasive procedure that will give you a more “youthful” and “toned” look without surgery or needles. This revolutionary device utilizes the simultaneous application of both HIFES and synchronized RF. Our skillful Staff will attach applicators to your target treatment areas during your session. EmFace treatment areas include cheeks, eyebrows, as well as the forehead and jawline. It feels like a facial massage with gentle warming sensations and pulsations. Some patients find it relaxing, and it lasts only 20 minutes. The result is typically a more toned, contoured and smooth face!

Am I a candidate?

You are the perfect candidate for EmFace if you desire to enhance your facial muscle tone, reduce wrinkles, and just want a more youthful appearance without surgery. Please know that patients with significant metal in the face (dental implants screws, plates, etc.) are not candidates for Emface.

Can I have EmFace treatment if I have injectables?

You can have EmFace treatment if you have injectables but we recommend waiting a few days after injections. Our proficient and

experienced aesthetic Staff at AboutSkin Dermatology and DermSurgery will ensure that the best treatment plan will be tailored to your specific desires.

Recovery and Results: What to expect after EmFace treatment

EmFace is non-invasive procedure that does not require recovery, so there is no downtime after the treatment. The results in clinical trials speak for themselves. Clinical studies showed a 37% decrease in fine lines and wrinkles, a 23% lifting effect, and a 30% increase in muscle tone. Some people see noticeable improvements immediately after treatments. Optimal results usually appear four to six weeks after the 4th treatment, and this improvement can be seen for several months after the treatment series. “Maintenance sessions” for patients who are interested can be performed every few months (with the most common regimen being quarterly). EmFace can produce a youthful appearance and gives your face the lift it needs.

Click HERE to read an artcile that features Dr. Cohen about the EmFace. Please note that BTL studies suggest that waiting 3 months before getting injectables after Emface is NOT necessary.

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