Reduce a Double Chin in Denver

AboutSkin was proud to be among the first practices to be able to offer Kybella® in Denver. The unique injectable treatment is designed to reduce “double chin” fat (technically known as submental fullness). This fat can resist both diet and exercise so that, while other areas of the body become slimmer over time due to successful lifestyle changes and body contouring efforts, a double chin often stubbornly remains.

We regularly see women and men who not only want to address a double chin but want to improve their appearance through the use of the latest products, technology, and techniques. That makes Kybella® a welcome addition to our cosmetic dermatology toolbox, which also includes botulinum toxins for wrinkles caused by facial expressions; fillers for deflated cheeks and folds; and lasers for texture resurfacing, pigment, and redness.

What Does Kybella® Treat?

When submental fat (underneath the chin) becomes excessive, it results in the appearance of a “double chin.” Many patients feel self-conscious about this look of fullness under their chin—especially the way it affects their profile. This is often most evident in photographs and selfies that can make people look heavier than they really are.

Fat reduction, particularly in the area under the chin, has historically been treated either surgically or with liposuction. These invasive procedures are associated with significant recovery time and potential risks, which can be deterrents to those seeking a solution to their problem of chin and neck fat.

Fullness under the chin can be associated with excess weight, but it can also be a genetically acquired trait. Even after a successful weight loss program, some patients may not be able to shed the stubborn fat deposits that result in the dreaded “double chin” appearance. Reducing this area of fat excess has become a reality with Kybella®.

Why Choose Kybella® at Denver’s AboutSkin?

AboutSkin participated in the Food and Drug Administration Kybella® trials, and our very own Dr. Joel Cohen has served on the Scientific Advisory Board for Kythera (manufacturer of Kybella®) for years.

What Treatments Complement Kybella®?

Persistent fat may be only one of multiple factors creating a look of submental fullness. Lax skin may also contribute. For this problem, a skin tightening treatment, such as Genius RF or Ultherapy®, would be appropriate.

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