Double chins are not a good look and don’t discriminate based on weight. Whether a person is thin or overweight, the fatty fullness under their chin tends to follow family genetic traits. Women and men looking to reduce their double chin and define their jawline have had few options other than invasive liposuction procedures in the past. Now we have minimally invasive cosmetic procedures that can also be used as methods of making your face look more angular, elongated, or slimmer. Kybella® isn’t designed for skin tightening, but Denver patients can use this injectable to make their face look slimmer and more sculpted by getting rid of unwanted fat below the chin.

Here is a basic outline of how Kybella® fat reduction injections and the other treatments we offer can enhance your facial contours. Patients can combine various treatments to optimize results.


Although Kybella® is an injectable treatment, it works differently from fillers and BOTOX®. This treatment involves using deoxycholic acid to trigger the dissolution of fat cells that cling to the area between the chin and neck. Once these cells have been damaged by the deoxycholic acid in the treatment, the body gradually flushes them out—and these fat cells can’t grow back. This leaves you with a firmer, thinner-looking jawline. If your double chin is mostly caused by fat, this is an effective treatment.


Hyaluronic acid cheek fillers like Lyft® and Voluma® lift and sculpt the cheeks, which will make the face look more defined and give you a more V-shaped jawline. Adding volume to the mid-face can also restore the structural “scaffolding” that keeps tissues elevated. Injected along the jawline, filler can lesson the appearance of jowls and create a smoother, straighter jawline.


Ultherapy is an ultrasound-based procedure that promotes the generation of collagen in the inner layers of skin. It’s commonly used on the neck, jawline, and lower face area for tightening loose skin that forms in this area due to aging or skin damage. By contracting tissues and stimulating fresh collagen production, the result is a sleeker and more youthful look.

Want a more sculpted, thinner face shape? Find out more about our treatments for fat reduction and skin tightening at AboutSkin Dermatology. Call us at (303) 756-SKIN (7546), or fill out a contact form to request a consultation.

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