Those vertical lines between your eyebrows that are called “glabellar lines,” “frown lines,” or “11s” usually result from making habitual expressions, like frowning or squinting. Your skin is constantly pulled, stretched, and creased as your muscles carry out the appropriate actions. Aging contributes to the formation of these unwanted grooves as well, since older skin doesn’t have as much collagen or elastin as it used to and so can’t settle back into its smooth resting position as easily. As more time goes by, lines that started small and fine start to become more defined and pronounced. Botulinum toxin injectables, which are sometimes referred to as “neuromodulators” because they impact nerve activity, are an ideal way to temporarily address this cosmetic problem. Although these injectables can’t completely reverse wrinkles, they can stop the repetitive muscle contractions that make your skin bunch together on the surface. BOTOX® is the most famous of these wrinkle treatments, but there are several other options, including Dysport®, Xeomin®, and Jeuveau. Our Denver-based AboutSkin Dermatology team uses all of these treatments to improve the appearance of wrinkles for a diverse group of patients.

Though all of these injectables are effective on frown lines, there are some major differences between them.


BOTOX® was the first botulinum toxin injectable to be officially used for cosmetic purposes. It has been approved to treat frown lines, forehead lines, and crow’s feet, along with some other medical applications. The onset is typically around three to five days.


Dysport® has the fastest reported general onset of all of these injectables, with effects that can be seen after just 24 hours. It typically works better on larger areas like the forehead because it spreads more from the injection site.


Xeomin® has the longest time to onset, but is an ideal option for patients who have developed a resistance to other neuromodulators, since it is a purified injectable without the preservatives and protective proteins the others contain.


Jeuveau is the newest injectable botulinum toxin treatment to become available. It’s manufactured in a different way from BOTOX®, making use of a separate strain of toxin and is only approved for frown lines but is commonly used off label in other areas too. Some patients prefer the results they get from Jeuveau and find that it is more effective for them.

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