BOTOX®: How to Get Natural-Looking Results

August 30, 2021
Joel Cohen

BOTOX® sometimes gets an unfair reputation for giving patients a frozen or expressionless, robotic appearance—typically after someone’s poor results make national news. This can be a significant worry for some patients, but the truth is that natural-looking results are the norm, not the exception, especially when the injectable is administered by a board-certified dermatologist with extensive training in using BOTOX® (as well as its competitors like Dysport®). To be honest, Dr. Joel Cohen has written (as first author) one of the largest books to date on BOTOX®, lectures on this topic all over the world, did his fellowship with the husband and wife credited with discovering the cometic use of BOTOX®, and does clinical trials on BOTOX® (as well as Dysport®, Jeuveau™, Xeomin®, and Revance®). Plus, the “overdone” faces we sometimes see on celebrities are usually the result of botched plastic surgery, not wrinkle injections that merely temporarily relax the wrinkle-producing muscles in select areas, such as those that cause crow’s feet, frown lines, or forehead wrinkles. It won’t prevent the rest of the facial muscles from making expressions, so you will still be able to convey emotions and communicate in an authentic way. When performed correctly by a trained dermatologist, these wrinkle treatments will simply make you look naturally rejuvenated and youthful. It should be difficult for anyone else to even be able to tell that you’ve had wrinkle relaxers from our Greenwood Village, CO, practice.

Our doctors want to help you accentuate your natural beauty. If you want your BOTOX® to look as subtle as possible while still allowing you to emote, here’s what we recommend doing:

Choose a Board-Certified Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon as the Actual Injector

Before having this treatment, do your own research and avoid cheap discount deals or bargains that seem too good to be true. Ultimately, BOTOX® is simply a tool, and the results come down to how skilled and experienced your injector is. Your doctor’s aesthetic sense also matters, so it’s important to find someone whose cosmetic goal for your face aligns with your own. Our AboutSkin dermatologists are board certified, specialize in cosmetic treatments, and perform them every day. It’s not a “side-gig” for us.

Take a Conservative Approach

When it comes to BOTOX®, your doctor should adopt a “less is more” strategy. Using too much of the injectable is what causes the stereotypical overdone look. It sometimes takes a while for the skin to smooth out, so be sure to give your results at least 10 days before seeking out further treatments or medications.

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