Determining if lip augmentation treatment from your Englewood CO dermatologist is right for you

June 30, 2015

Of the various reasons one may be interested in dermal fillers, avoiding a surgical lip augmentation procedure is gaining ground. With numerous non-invasive treatments available to keep you looking your best, the lips can be treated quickly and effectively, correcting issues such as:

  • Lost volume or shape
  • Downturned mouth
  • Lost moisture
  • Undefined lip border
  • Lines in or around the lips

Treating the upper lip, or both lips, with a non-surgical augmentation procedure in our Englewood or Lone Tree CO office allows you to experience fuller, more youthful lips without the commitment or risk of cosmetic surgery. Treating this area of the face tends to produce a dramatic impact on a person’s overall appearance, allowing a greater level of clarity, seeing that facial expression is an essential tool in effective communication. The concern that some feel over lip augmentation, however, is that this facial feature will become overly prominent.

There is a key to lip augmentation, and good reason to seek this treatment only from highly trained, highly skilled practitioners. Creating a gorgeous pout requires more than a few injections into the lips, it requires careful planning and precise shaping of the lip being treated to produce a naturally plump appearance. In looking at the shape and border of lips before augmentation, and considering proportion of one lip to the other, and of the mouth in proportion to other facial features, Dr. Cohen can most effectively build on what nature has started.

Just as in treating other areas of the face, a treatment plan must be customized to the individual patient. With dermal filler, or a combination of cosmeceutical products, the lips can become fuller, suppler, and more noticeable for all the right reasons. Some dermal filler used for lip augmentation will work by attracting water to the lips, while other forms of lip augmentation will better treat fine lines that appear around the mouth. When the lip border needs to be addressed, there are choices as to which dermal filler will perform best based on the patient’s specific skin condition and goals.

There are a number of benefits to treating the lips with a little plumping with dermal fillers. Not only will lipstick better stay in place on treated lips, but also the patient who addresses a specific facial concern is more likely to gain self-confidence that leads to enhanced personal interaction.

For more information on creating beautiful lips, contact AboutSkin Dermatology.