How to Heal Faster After Laser Skin Resurfacing

May 2, 2022
Joel Cohen

AboutSkin has the most comprehensive portfolio of lasers and energy-based devices in this region of the country. We participate in clinical trials for lasers, body contouring, and injectable treatments, as well as topical therapies through the year.

When it comes to resurfacing the skin for lines and wrinkles, Dr. Joel Cohen lectures and teaches throughout the world every year on these laser devices, and he has published extensively in academic journals on his approach to resurfacing.

Resurfacing laser treatments are beneficial to your skin at any time of the year, but sun protection is absolutely key. At AboutSkin, we have full-field erbium lasers, fractional CO2, and fractional erbium lasers, so we can choose the most effective and appropriate laser for your individual needs.

Patients are typically excited for their skin to heal so that they can see what the results from resurfacing look like, but it’s important to follow instructions from our team and avoid anything that could lead to complications. For patients who are considering laser skin rejuvenation, our Denver-area practice has the following recommendations for a smoother, faster recovery:

Apply Sunscreen

Once your skin has healed, sunscreen will be an essential every day. We can recommend a sunscreen with zinc or titanium that’s specially designed for sensitive skin on the face. Take other measures to protect your skin, such as avoiding exposure to sunlight during peak hours, wearing a wide-brim hat, and wearing long-sleeved clothes.


Apply a generous amount of moisturizer to your skin each day to facilitate the healing process and to reduce the dryness and itching. Keeping your skin hydrated helps it to heal faster.

Avoid Infections

While your skin is healing, you’ll need to avoid activities or environments that increase the risk of infection, such as the garage, attic, or gyms.

Avoid Irritating the Skin

The goal for post-laser skin care is to soothe and restore the laser-treated skin. Keep your routine simple with hydrating products (and avoid using products that could cause irritation). Wear oil-free makeup.

For more advice on laser skin rejuvenation, contact our team at AboutSkin Dermatology. Call (303) 756-SKIN (7546) or submit a contact form to set up a consultation with us and find out whether this treatment is right for you.