Skin Care Regimen

September 1, 2020
Joel Cohen

People often ask what skin care products they should use. Beyond diligent sunscreen use, topical retinoid use (when not pregnant or nursing) at night is a key skin care regimen for not only acne-prone skin but also helping to minimize wrinkles and overall sun-damage (milder products include BioPelle Retriderm, skinBetter Science AlphaRet and areusually much less drying for our high-altitude climate). In addition, topical antioxidants can help scavenge sun-damage and also help minimize sunspots (like Revision C+ corrective serum, Prescribed Solutions Urbane Renewal Serum which also have DNA repair enzymes). For women in the peri-menopausal years or menopause, the new product Emepelle has some really exciting data—and I participated in one of the clinical trials (link to articles). Emepelle is an estrogen receptor activator in the skin to help combat collagen loss but it is not a hormone (NERA, non-hormonal estrogen receptor activator) —as within the first 5 years of menopause, women have been found to lose 30% of their collagen in the skin.