Skin Tightening Lone Tree

Why skin tightening is important to men and women in Lone Tree

You are a unique individual created from a virtually infinite biological family tree and series of personal experiences. Even if you have an “identical twin,” no one else in the world has your exact face and personality. It took a lifetime to form who you are today inside. Has the outside, though, gained a little more momentum than you are comfortable with? Dr. Joel Cohen and his aesthetic team at AboutSkin Dermatology and DermSurgery, PC offer solutions to balance your self-image. AboutSkin helps patients throughout the Lone Tree and South Denver-Englewood area look as young as they feel with effective skin tightening techniques.

Speaking of self image . . .

The term self-image (or self-schema) is over used in media, but it is an important concept – one worth understanding and investing in. Self-image is a mental picture of how you see yourself and how you believe others see you. That perception may or may not be based on fact, but it influences your decisions, actions, and confidence. A positive self-image is a tremendous asset in social and business situations, and contributes to healthy emotional harmony. Your facial appearance and the condition of your skin play important roles in self-image.

Skin tightening 101

The faces of babies, teens, and young adults look youthful in part because of supple, firm skin. It is plump with hydration and smoothly covers a full foundation of fat, muscle, and bone. As we age, however, we lose some of that natural volume underneath. Our bodies also produce less collagen, a strong mesh of protein fibers that shores up skin. We begin to see laxity; droops, drapes, and folds in skin.

Solutions to sagging skin

The doctors at AboutSkin create skin tightening protocols customized for the individual patient. One exciting weapon in their rejuvenation arsenal is advanced Infini RF system. It utilizes Thermal Coagulation Points to target specific dermal layers. With technology based in science and clinical research, and a highly adjustable delivery system, Infini RF is an excellent option for tightening sagging skin, smoothing wrinkles, and creating a more youthful appearance. The procedure is comfortable with long-lasting results.

It is time to face the world with the confidence of a positive self-image. Professional skin tightening techniques can help. Call AboutSkin today at 303.756.SKIN (7546) to get started.