There is at least one skin aesthetic concern that adversely impacts quality of life.

Imagine someone who fails to give their all at work due to their skin insecurities. It may skip your mind about the adverse impact of low self-esteem due to aesthetic issues. 

But, it is there and many people suffer its consequences in their different life aspects. Imagine people losing the opportunity to achieve better productivity due to their low confidence holding them back. An employee may struggle to share their insights during brainstorming sessions. That hesitation may cost them their closer path to a raise, company award, or promotion. 

Alternatively, low confidence has the power to adversely influence the relationships of people with their loved ones. Imagine skipping multiple social gatherings such as weddings and reunions due to acne breakouts or scars. Some people who do not like what they see in the mirror struggle to enjoy social events. Many of them feel insecure about their aesthetics. People skip showing off a skin aesthetic issue. 

However, there are instances when people use what seems to be a skin aesthetic of others as a strength. For example, the facial scars of Charlie Puth and Noah Centineo were helpful in their career as they helped them stand out. 

However, like many people, their scars came from a tragic incident. Both got theirs from a childhood accident. 

Other people struggle with reminders of traumatic pasts due to scars. Also, people experience other aesthetic concerns that affect their quality of life. 

Good thing there are multiple options now against skin health and aesthetic issues. For example, there are doctors now that offer surgical and non-surgical solutions to your skin health and aesthetic issues. 

Your Options Today Against Skin Health and Aesthetic Issues

Here are some of your options for beauty enhancement today: 

Homemade Aesthetic Enhancement

One of the oldest aesthetic enhancement solutions that existed is DIY skincare. Even many ancient people relied on these alternatives.

For example, Ancient Egyptians crafted different versions of homemade beauty treatments and cosmetics. One of them entails the famous eye makeup that has a modern-day version today. Originally, they used Kohl for it. One of the primary ingredients of this ancient cosmetic product includes lead. 

Another cosmetic from the past that contained lead was ceruse. It is a cosmetic formerly favored by the 16th to 18th century Europeans for its effects that made people look pale. Being pale during that time resembled high status. Tanned people appear to belong in the lower class due to spending extended periods working under the sun.

As we know today, lead exposure poses health risks. The disadvantage of people in the past includes not having modern-day knowledge about the adverse health impact of lead exposure. The unavailability of that knowledge caused people to continue relying on their DIY skincare and cosmetics. Also, the lack of other options during that period left people at a disadvantage compared to today. 

Today, people easily purchase skincare products in physical and online stores. They also have the option to get their beauty treatments from doctors and other medical professionals. 

Despite these modern-day options, some people opt for DIY skincare.

Homemade skincare today is more diverse and safer compared to its predecessors. However, it does not mean that it lacks any risks for anyone who considers it. 

Some of the risks of modern DIY skincare and cosmetics include infections, allergic reactions, and skin damage. 

OTC Skincare and Makeup

As mentioned earlier, some harmful ingredients made it into the makeup bags of many people from the past. Examples include Ceruse and Kohl. 

There were also parts in the past where people used products that enhanced their appearance while adversely affecting their health. It means DIY skincare and makeup were not the only culprits of adverse health effects for people in the past. Even products sold to the public adversely affected the health of many individuals in some parts of the past. 

An example was the story of arsenic making its way into commercially sold wafers that people ingested. Companies that offered these products got the inspiration from homemade skincare trick people during that time used. Some women extracted their arsenic from fly paper. With an innovative mind, entrepreneurs took the opportunity to save women time by extracting their arsenic. People during that period did not have modern-day knowledge about the adverse health effects of arsenic poisoning. 

Another example includes the ones about the time when manufacturers added radium to their products. Some cosmetics even had them. The people of that time did not have modern-day knowledge about the dangers of radium exposure. 

What makes commercially sold products today and the ones from centuries to decades ago are the presence of laws. Also, governing bodies help ensure consumer safety and that organizations and people involved follow those laws. 

Today, OTC skincare and makeup follow laws that protect consumers from harmful ingredients. 

Skincare offers non-invasive treatments that help improve your skin aesthetics. However, it may take longer to see noticeable results. 

On the other hand, modern-day makeup products offer immediate aesthetic enhancement results. However, as fast as the results appear, they are also as immediate as they disappear. Makeup results disappear after you wash your face or use wipes to remove it. 


Another alternative today entails the utilization of healthcare technology, tools, equipment, and techniques. An example includes surgery. 

Some people who opt for longer-lasting results consider cosmetic or plastic surgery. 

Others get plastic surgery to resolve an aesthetic problem that resulted from a congenital disorder. Some get it for an injury such as resolving burn scars. 

Alternatively, people get cosmetic dermatology to enhance their appearance. They simply want to change or enhance how they look. These procedures include liposuction, rhinoplasty, and more. 

However, surgery entails scar risks. Ensure you get surgery from a licensed and well-experienced surgeon. 

Cosmetic Dermatology Treatments

One of the well-loved treatments today that mix medical and minimally invasive aspects is cosmetic dermatology. 

The place to get your cosmetic dermatology treatments is from dermatology clinics. 

Cosmetic dermatology treatments are diverse aesthetic enhancement services offered by dermatology clinics. One of its features includes non-surgical procedures. 

A skincare care specialist and the best dermatology clinic in Colorado to get your cosmetic dermatology treatments is AboutSkin: Dermatology and Dermsurgery.

Facts About Cosmetic Dermatology Offered by A Trusted Dermatology Clinic in Colorado

As mentioned, many people strive to look their best to achieve a confidence boost. People with low self-esteem tend to struggle in various life aspects.

You are lucky to exist today. You have an array of options to enhance your appearance. There are homemade beauty treatments, OTC cosmetics, skincare, surgery, and cosmetic dermatology treatments. 

Every option has its strengths and weaknesses. To get the most out of these options, consider combining two or more as part of your beauty regimen. 

For example, some people utilize OTC skincare products and DIY treatments as part of their regular beauty regimen. 

Additionally, some people have an OTC skincare routine while having regular cosmetic dermatology sessions from their trusted dermatology clinic. 

A Colorado specialist in minimally invasive skin care services is AboutSkin: Dermatology and Dermsurgery. Here are some key insights about its cosmetic dermatology services: 

1. Aesthetic Enhancement from a Board-Certified Doctor

Dr. Joel Cohen, a dermatologist, leads the AboutSkin: Dermatology and Dermsurgery medical team. Other dermatologists also join to offer you non-surgical aesthetic enhancement services. 

Their qualification, education, and experience offer you safe treatments and accurate results. 

2. Many Aesthetic Enhancement Options

Cosmetic dermatology is not one type of aesthetic enhancement. It consists of different procedures that a dermatologist incorporates into the treatment plan of patients. The treatment plan depends on the preferences and other medical-related aspects of a patient. Also, it is unique for every patient. 

The diversity and uniqueness of personalized treatment plans entail a list of options for services. 

These diversified options include light lip fillers, Photodynamic Therapy, Chemical Peels, microneedling, BotoxJuvederm, and Dysport.

What is Dysport or the other aesthetic enhancement options you ask? The coordination with Aesthetic Conversion, a digital marketing agency, assists the dermatology clinic to give you informative website content. Its other clients in the healthcare industry include Formation and Invigorate

The expertly created content helps you understand your options from this trusted clinic in Colorado. 

3. Non-surgical Procedures

Another benefit of AboutSkin: Dermatology and Dermsurgery cosmetic dermatology treatments entail non-surgical procedures. It offers minimal downtime, unlike many surgeries which require weeks to months for recovery. Also, it entails minimal to zero scar risks.

AboutSkin: Dermatology and Dermsurgery: Doctors and Aesthetic Enhancement in One Place

AboutSkin: Dermatology and Dermsurgery is a trusted and best spa facial and dermatology clinic in Colorado that offers different treatments to patients. 

It is one of the best dermatology clinics in Colorado for different reasons. For example, it has a team of qualified and skillful medical and skincare specialist team members. They help you achieve a confidence boost while enjoying long-term results and minimal to zero downtime after a procedure. 

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