Each time you fold a sheet of paper, you crease it. Those creases eventually start to appear as lasting marks that can be seen even when the sheet is smoothed flat. The same principle causes changes to the thin skin on the outer layer of our face. The constant movement involved in our everyday actions—like talking, blinking, squinting, expressing emotions, chewing, smoking, or sipping from bottles—might last only a few seconds at a time, but the cumulative effect of decades of the skin being stretched and pulled in every direction during these facial movements eventually takes a toll. The skin also weakens over time and can’t bounce back into its unlined resting state as easily, especially when there’s less collagen to support it as we get older. That’s when lines known as dynamic wrinkles begin to form in the high movement areas. Applying topical skin creams and serums won’t really help, because they don’t tackle the root cause of the problem: active facial muscles. BOTOX® injections are our Denver-area practice’s go-to recommendation for patients who want to relax their facial muscles, allowing skin on the surface to lie smooth for a younger look.

At AboutSkin, all injectables are administered by board-certified dermatologists with extensive training. Dr. Joel Cohen trained these physicians on aesthetic procedures. He has written (as first author) one of the largest books to date on BOTOX®, lectures on this topic all over the world, did his fellowship with the husband and wife credited with having discovered the medication’s cosmetic uses, and performs clinical trials on a range of injectable treatments.

Since injections are a minimally invasive procedure with no incisions or anesthesia involved, patients generally don’t need to do much preparation before having BOTOX®. However, we still recommend following some general guidelines in the days leading up to your appointment to maximize your experience:

Find Out Whether You’re a Good Candidate

You won’t have any BOTOX® injections until you’ve had a consultation to discuss your medical background and goals. Some people have medical conditions like breathing difficulties, allergies to ingredients contained in the medication, nerve or muscle disorders, or active infections that would mean they aren’t eligible for these treatments.

Take Steps to Prevent Bruising

Consider using methods to minimizing bruising, such as icing the skin beforehand, taking an arnica supplement, or applying arnica cream.

Stop Taking Some Medications and Supplements

BOTOX® is a low risk treatment with minimal side effects, but patients may want to avoid certain common blood-thinning agents and supplements that make bleeding and bruising more likely. These may include aspirin, ibuprofen, vitamin E, and omega 3 oils. Before changing any nutrition or medication routines, be sure to consult with a physician to ensure it is safe to do so.

Curious about what to expect from anti-wrinkle treatments? Find out what happens before and after BOTOX® injections at AboutSkin Dermatology. Contact us by calling (303) 756-SKIN (7546), or submit a contact form to schedule a consultation and find out whether you would be a suitable candidate for this treatment.

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Let Your Skin Glow

Let Your Skin Glow

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