Genius RF

The Lutronic Genius High Intensity Focused RF device firms and tightens skin based on the concept of tissue heating.  Thermal Coagulation Zones of radiofrequency energy are introduced safely in the dermal tissue the skin. This safe, controlled “injury” triggers the body’s repair response – soft tissue coagulation and collagen production. Proprietary sapphire contact cooling technology maintains safe, comfortable surface temperature during treatment.

Genius RF Mechanism
Genius RF Mechanism of Tightening

Genius RF system treatment of most often performed on the face and neck. Sessions are relatively brief (60-90 minutes), and there’s minimal average downtime of 2-4 days.   As collagen regeneration takes place over the course of several months, skin becomes thicker and firmer, with noticeable lift. Usually three to four sessions are recommended for optimal skin tightening. Most patients are so pleased with the results of Genius RF that they schedule touch up sessions periodically.


  • Fast Treatments
  • Ability to treat all skin tones
  • Maximum control of depth and power
  • Energy is delivered directly to the dermis while protecting the epidermis
  • Minimal downtime
  • Great results

Genius RF, as part of a comprehensive rejuvenation regimen including high quality skin care products, resurfacing therapies, injectable neuromodulators, and dermal fillers, can postpone the need for surgical intervention indefinitely.

Firmer skin with youthful lift doesn’t have to mean surgery with its associated risks and extended recovery period. Call 303.756.SKIN (7546) today to schedule a consultation at AboutSkin’s South Denver- Greenwood Village or Lone Tree offices.